Firstly, let’s see what SEO marketing is and how it differs from SEO website optimization.

SEO marketing is when a team of specialists works on your website. They are united by a common goal: to optimize the site so that it sells. The following are connected to the project:

  • Project manager.
  • SEO specialist.
  • Marketer.
  • Developer.
  • UX-UI designer.

Working in one bundle, they work through each stage in the online sales funnel.

SEO optimization is when one or more people are working on your website, but all of them are necessarily SEOs. They work with the technical side; their main goal is to bring the site to the TOP and drive traffic. They are of little interest in sales, it is not in their competence. At the most, they will provide a list of recommendations for improving the usability and technical improvements of the site.

The Key Goal of SEO Marketing

The most important task is to bring as many visitors as possible from search engines and provide all conditions for comfortable and pleasant sales. For this, in SEO marketing, a strategic plan is drawn up to achieve the following goals:

  • bring targeted visitors;
  • take top positions in the search results for commercial and informational key queries;
  • reduce the cost of conversion and advertising costs;
  • provide multichannel;
  • increase the number of sales and market coverage.

SEO marketing is an investment in long-term results. Alternative methods of advertising – unless it is a legendary brand or a particularly successful campaign – stop working as soon as they are removed from the “air”. SEO marketing acts by inertia for a long time, even if the project has not been promoted for several months. And in the case of not the most competitive niche, sometimes it is enough to invest once to receive free organic traffic for many years.

What does SEO-Marketing include?

Let’s imagine the following situation. There are two sites. Outwardly, they are equally useful and interesting, equipped with approximately the same order forms, filters, feedback means. But one is on the first page in search results, and the second is on the tenth. Why is that? No one knows. It’s too complicated. Everything is decided by a robot, artificial intelligence, which evaluates each page by a myriad of factors and characteristics. Why two identical sites turned out to be so far from each other, even Google developers will not answer you the first time.

Therefore, in website promotion, you cannot predict anything in advance. But there are common points that everyone relies on and thanks to which SEO-Marketing is not only still alive, but also remains the most effective way to promote on the Internet in 2021.

SEO marketing main features

62% of business owners in 2020 said they rely on SEO marketing to promote their business. In the battle for virtual buyers, the winner is the one with the stronger team of specialists.

SEO marketing is suitable for 99% of companies, regardless of the type of business. A product, a service – everything can be sold on the Internet if potential buyers visit the site.

When SEO won’t fit well:

  • We need a result today. SEO marketing is a long-term investment, you will see the first results in at least a couple of months.

  • The site consists of 1 page. Search algorithms do not perceive such resources as traditional, so they will not be able to participate in the competitive race, for this, it is better to choose other promotion methods.

  • Small budget. The first months of SEO marketing is a serious investment.

  • There is no possibility of making technical improvements to the site. To get the result, the promotion must be coupled with constant changes and fixes to the resource.

In all these cases, it is more rational to promote the site using contextual advertising – paid online ads that are placed in the first positions in search results or third-party sites. This option is offered by Google. Contextual advertising makes it possible to get the first customers immediately.

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