“In an attempt to interest the player, game designers decide on increasingly daring projects. So, at the Global Gaming Expo held in Las Vegas, you could try 8 different slot machines, fully implemented in virtual reality format. But while virtual gambling is still the topic of the near future, the pressing trends in this area have been stable for the last couple of years, and the dynamics indicate a gradual complication.

Thousands of teenagers around the world dream of an e-sportsman career, and millions of adults are massively searching for lost objects on the screens of their smartphones – at the end of the 2010s, online games won an unconditional victory.

It seems it’s time to blow away a thick layer of stereotypes from the word “gamer”. Surely, upon hearing it, most of us imagine a teenage boy lowering his pocket money for games. However, smartphones, high-speed mobile Internet, and even Wi-Fi in the subway turned gamers and children and adults alike: every morning, on the way to work or school, millions of people solve puzzles, scorch from tanks and make plans to conquer virtual worlds.

So, decidedly all companies specializing in GameDev switched to HTML5 JavaScript-technologies. Old slots, even written in C ++, are being reworked today to meet modern requirements. Often there is also a processing of mathematical models. HTML5 is a prerequisite if the output requires a competitive product. Today, if the slot does not fly on 3G, players will prefer another slot.

Full-stack development is almost never used. Well, specialists in animation and the creation of sound effects and soundtrack are separately involved. Moreover, this whole team acts in concert. So the development process has become much more complicated, but the results have become qualitatively different.

So developers are moving away from standard built-in mini-games. A popular area in this sense is skill games – skill games. Based on new technologies, new business models are also being calculated, among which social casinos attract the most attention. So the processes are going on, and in this article, we outlined only general trends in the development of online gambling, and if you go deeper into this, you have to write a whole book, although it is very likely that by the time of publication it will not be very relevant.”

Shin Skipper, an expert in the game industry

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