“Nowadays, a smartphone is an integral part of the life of any advanced person, whether it is an adult or a teenager. But there are two large groups of people: users of android smartphones and those who prefer iphone. The debate about which smartphones last infinitely better, and now we’ll figure out what’s better.

But sometimes owners buy a second gadget and use two smartphones at the same time, for example, an iPhone and an android. In another case, the user using the phone of one brand decides to switch to another, based on its motives and interests. Typically, in this case, there is a problem with the transfer of contacts: if you have been using a smartphone for several years, then you must assume that your phone book will contain at least a hundred contacts, and especially active ones – several hundred. In this case, it will be useful for you to learn about transferring contacts from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

Next, we consider the main pros and cons of these popular brands in the mobile industry.


Let’s start with the iPhone. The advantages of smartphones are brands:

  • Fast and smooth operation of the entire system. One of the main reasons for choosing an iphone.
  • Superior cameras. Comparing the flagships of android smartphones, people have more than once been convinced of better pictures that were taken from an iPhone.
  • Smartphone support for older models. Manufacturers do not forget to release system updates for old devices, while Android users can count on updates only if they are the owners of expensive devices.

And now for the cons:

  • One sim card. Which is not very convenient for people who have several SIM cards for work and family.
  • Inability to add additional memory.
  • Closed operating system. It appears that the user will not be able to simply copy and receive files from unknown sources. For such operations, you must synchronize with another device.
  • High price.


  • Well, the Iphone has both pros and cons. Now we will analyze android smartphones. Pros:
  • Plenty of room for personalization. Each user can download the launcher to his taste and freely install it.
  • Ability to have more than one account.
  • The presence of the function of expanding the memory by adding an sd card.
  • Free download files from any resource. But there is a significant risk of getting a harmful virus with the application you need.


  • Fragmentation. Many models have their own characteristics, so some programs may not be suitable for a particular device.
  • Slow system operation. Of course, the flagships have a smooth operation, but not everyone can afford them and many are sitting on older versions.

As a result, we can say that the choice depends only on you, your preferences and material capabilities. Based on this analysis, you can choose your phone. In any case, each of these devices is worthy of attention, and for the most accurate solution, it is worth trying every smartphone in practice.”

Wade Otto, web developer

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